Plain and Fancy Custom Cabinets


Prendergast Construction has been a dealer of Plain and Fancy Custom Cabinetry for over twenty years.

What initially drew you to Plain and Fancy Custom Cabinetry?

They are committed to only producing a quality product without any compromise. In terms of how they operate, they work like we do. If a problem arises, they fix it for the customer first and deal with all other issues later.

What about Plain and Fancy made you decide to become a dealer of their product and then continue to do so for over two decades?

When we first became a dealer of Plain and Fancy, it was a big step for us. Prendergast Construction was into a lot of other projects that didn’t involve cabinets and we were the only dealer in the area. After working with them on a project, I knew it was a good fit. They are a family operation; you know that they will stop everything to help you. Since that first job, our partnership has worked well.

So, what exactly can a potential client expect when choosing Plain and Fancy Cabinetry for their remodeling project?

Plain and Fancy will make anything we design, so the sky is the limit. You tell us what custom application you need in your home and we will design it in house. Also, after the project is complete, Plain and Fancy offers excellent support after sale. For instance, we have gone back to them years after a project has been completed and they have worked with us to custom stain a new part to match the existing installation.

Any final opinions on Plain and Fancy Custom Cabinetry?

There are a lot of manufacturers that do the same thing, but in the twenty-plus years we have worked with them, we have not found another company that does what they do better.

For more information on how Prendergast Construction can add to your home with Plain and Fancy Custom Cabinetry, please contact us today. Also, to see the quality product that Plain and Fancy produces, visit their website:

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