Our satisfied customers in the Tri-Cities provide feedback about their experience. A sampling of just a few of their reviews follows:  
We loved everything, so it is hard to summarize where we would be most satisfied. We are very happy with the remodeling and the looks of our home. Also, we were very happy with their professionalism, and all of the questions in this survey kind of summarized why we like them. This is the second construction project we have used them for. They impressed us the first time, and we are equally impressed the second go around.

Home remodel customer in Kingsport, Tennessee

We have heard about them from different people. We have lived in Johnson City for twenty years or so, and we had heard their name. We decided to use them when we talked to Bob at the home show in Kingsport. We had some porch problems, and he did our porch. We were really satisfied with the job they did on that, so we had our bathroom done. We are planning on having our kitchen done, and we already talked to him about that, too.

Home remodel customer in Johnson City, Tennessee

Most all areas as they did what they said and I especially loved the way they masked my floor, put runners down where they would be walking and "the daily cleanup" with a vacuum was wonderful, both inside and outside. Totally professionals all the way!!

Home remodel customer in Bristol, Tennessee

I did this long distance. I'm from Virginia Beach. I never saw the apartment until it was finished. I was blown away. It is so beautiful. I came here once to pick out the paint, counters, flooring, and such. Everything is just as I wanted it. It's bright and light. I don't have anything to complain about.

Apartment remodel customer in Johnson City, Tennessee

We heard about Prendergast Construction by word of mouth. We know at least three other people who have had them do work for them. We saw what they did for those people, and we decided to give them a call because we wanted someone really good and trustworthy to oversee the whole project. Bobby and Matthew both made great recommendations. They know so many good things that they know people like, so it makes it a lot easier than going to pick one out of 500 faucets. Since they did our renovation, we have talked to many more people who have all been satisfied with the work Prendergast did for them. You could probably get the job done for a little less, but you get what you pay for, and their extra expertise and knowledge regarding selections is so worth the little extra it might cost. They are very easy to work with.

Home remodel customer in Kingsport, Tennessee