Adding Comfort to Your Home


Our homes are an extension of ourselves. How we style and decorate them says something about who we are — what our personalities and interests encompass. Our homes are where we relax, entertain friends, cook meals, and raise families.

However, outside of what our homes look like and what we do in them, above all, we want to be comfortable in our space.

In this edition of The Remodeler’s Corner, learn about smaller scale remodeling projects that can not only appeal to your home’s unique style, but also add comfort to your home.

So many people see a remodeling project as a huge endeavor. Are there ways to remodel one’s home without taking on a large-scale project?

There are many ways to make changes to your home on a smaller scale. Doors, windows, kitchen and bath fixtures are just a few ways to accomplish this.

Since you mentioned doors and windows, I have been reading quite a bit about energy efficiency. What are the benefits of replacing the doors and/or windows in a home?

To begin, doors and windows are a way that air can get in and out of a home. If your windows and/or doors are older, there may be a chance that energy is escaping or cold/hot air is entering. However, what it all boils down to is comfort. The correct doors and windows in a home can greatly increase your comfort during all seasons of the year. Not to mention, they can add to the aesthetic value of your home as well.

What are some smaller changes that can be made in the kitchen?

A pull-down faucet can add ease to cleaning dishes or filling a pot for boiling water. In addition, cabinets or cabinet accessories can provide both convenience and customization to your kitchen. For instance, installing a cabinet to hide a garbage can provides more space in a busy kitchen.

What are some ways to add comfort to a bathroom?

There are several ways to add comfort to a bathroom. For instance, a hand shower and other shower fixtures can be a contribution to comfort. In addition, grab bars can be incorporated in a very stylish way, adding a level of comfort and safety when entering or exciting a shower or tub. This is great for any age in the home, especially younger children.

How can Prendergast Construction assist clients with adding these measures of comfort to their home?

With our full-service approach, Prendergast Construction can assist through the entire process. From an initial meeting to discuss your ideas, design, to product selection, and finally installation, we can help you add comfort to your home with any changes you wish, large or small.

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